Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to add chess diagrams to your blog

Copy FEN position to the clipboard

Copy Position

Using ChessBase or Fritz, click Copy Position from the Edit menu. This will copy the position in FEN format to the clipboard. Your chess program may look different.

Paste into the textbox on the right


After copying the FEN position, click in the textbox on the right (shown above). If there is already text inside from the last time you pasted, then delete it all by pressing Ctrl-A and then Del. Once the textbox is empty press Ctrl-V to paste. Now click Create Diagram and a link to the Diagram Generator from Steve Eddins’ web site will appear.

Copy the URL into your browser


Select the URL text. Be sure to select the entire text, you can do this by click inside the textbox and pressing Ctrl-A (select all). Then press Ctrl-C to copy. Open a new browser window or tab and click in the address bar. Press Ctrl-V to paste the URL, it should look like something in the image above.

Right-click the image and click “Save Image As…”

Save image

Save the image in .JPG format for best results.

Add the image to your blog


This varies depending on your blog provider. In Google Blogger, you just click the Add Image icon and upload the file.

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